Strategies For Success


Whether you are starting up a new team, building cohesiveness with your mature team or looking for a diagnostic to see where there may be gaps preventing optimal performance,
we provide a diverse set of services to address your team’s development.

We assess and develop teams to ensure they are functioning at a high performing level; we help align teams to ensure they support their business strategy; we work to maximize each team member’s performance with consideration to work preferences and styles in support of team goals.

N E W   T E A M   D E V E L O P M E N T

Strategies for Success will help you define the vision, mission, charter, goals and metrics for your new team.  In addition to providing you with various models for high performing teams, we will facilitate a New Leader Assimilation for the new leader of the team.  This process expedites what typically takes six months to a year when a new leader joins a group –it helps to provide insights regarding the leader’s style and his/her understanding of the team, as well as a better understanding of the business challenges; together, the leader and the team identify actions and areas of focus for the challenges ahead.

Designed a forum for Vice President to help the team define their organizational mission and vision to motivate the team to achieve higher levels of organization performance despite organization uncertainty.

T E A M   B U I L D I N G

We facilitate team sessions that include application of high performing team models to help close the gaps between your current reality and where you aspire for your team to be. Through a customized approach that looks at the unique factors influencing the team, the culture of the organization, and the goals of the broader organization, we provide a developmental experience that includes experiential exercises and a deeper understanding of team dynamics. We often provide assessment tools and psychometrics (see Team Diagnostics) which are extremely useful in identifying and understanding differences that contribute to performance gaps.

Facilitated various Executive Team Sessions to improve senior level team effectiveness; interviewed CEO and Executive Teams to assess current business climate and challenges and provided facilitation to improve communication, clarify goals and objectives, improve role clarity, better understand operational processes and improve interpersonal dynamics.

T E A M   D I A G N O S T I C S

Many of our team of consultants are certified in Team Management Systems (TMS), a portfolio of instruments that are validated, focused and easy to practically apply to your work group or team. They assess individuals’ profiles in relation to the overall team they are working within, and examine their preferences for work within the team. A strategy is developed to leverage strengths and find balance in the performance of work functions.

Our suite of TMS assessments also include a team 360 degree feedback that includes the evaluation of importance and performance related to the tasks being performed within the team. Other diagnostics used with teams include:

   MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator)
Five Dysfunctions of Teams (Patrick Lencioni)
Team Management Systems:
Team Management Profile
Team Performance Profile (team 360 degree feedback)
QO2 – (optimism)

Facilitated a team development session for a global team with a relatively new leader who needed to build trust and understanding internally, in addition to developing some key messages for stakeholder groups and also agree to expectations for roles within the team. Used Team Management Systems’ Team Management Profile along with Success Profiles for jobs using Lominger and key communication messages for the group.

Delivered a team development session using the Belbin instrument, focusing on nine roles for team effectiveness, and identifying most and least preferred roles. Impact of these preferences was discussed, with emphasis on where adaptability is most needed.

Designed and facilitated various Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Teambuilding Sessions to increase self-awareness and leverage team strengths.

T E A M   L E A D E R   C O A C H I N G

We recognize the challenges leaders have of developing their teams. Our experienced Executive Coaches will work with your new or mature leader to develop a plan for each of their team members.

As a leader learns to coach their team to address
their respective gaps in performance, the entire organization wins, and performance across the board improves. Simultaneous to this,
we can also work with you to build a more cohesive team.

“Many of our team of consultants are certified to use Team Management Systems team development assessment tools.  They are used worldwide and are researched, focused and practical and easily applied to enhance team performance.”