Strategies For Success

Skills Development/Learning

Good leaders can become great leaders, and those that don’t have direct responsibility for a staff can also influence and have a great impact in their organizations. Our skills development and learning sessions address gaps in a variety of areas:


Resiliency – continued stress in the workplace takes a toll on each of us and can impact our relationships, creativity, and ability to perform; we custom design programs to address these challenges.

Emotional Intelligence – self-awareness is critical in any position you hold. Understanding the impact you have on others and what you can do to influence them is what makes for strong results and a successful leader or employee. Customized for your organization, our programs provide practical learning with assessment tools to create stronger leaders in your organization.

I N T E R P E R S O N A L   E F F E C T I V E N E S S

Change Management – any initiative, process or group needs to understand who its critical stakeholders are and how to address barriers to change; change management strategies will be reviewed and practically applied to your organization in these sessions.

Influencing Skills – whether in management or an individual contributor, influencing skills are vital in creating effective relationships and achieving performance goals; these sessions will provide practical skill development on how to influence others.

Conflict Management – conflict is a natural part of relationships in every organization; managing conflict in an effective way is what sets apart successful leaders from others; through assessment and practical skill development, learn to identify and address conflict productively.


Presentation Skills – we work with all levels in an organization - we provide one-on-one coaching of C-level executives who need to sharpen their presentation and communication skills; we provide both one-on-one coaching and group sessions for VPs, directors, managers and individual contributors  who need to  present in a variety of capacities – oral and written presentations or learning to more effectively communicate your ideas to others.

Effective Communication – in today’s professional environment, effective communication is more important than ever before.  Whether it’s face to face conversation, email communication, listening skills; communicating well sets strong performers apart from the rest.  These sessions will be customized to help you develop an authentic and suitable communication style, leading to influence and positive results.

V I R T U A L   E N V I R O N M E N T   E F F E C T I V N E S S

Managing in a Matrixed Environment
today’s business environment is no longer
functional, and with this comes the challenge
of serving “many masters.”

These sessions are designed to help build
influence and effectiveness in a role where you are required to work across processes, touching many functional areas.

Virtual Communications – today’s global environment  guarantees that we will be working across different time zones and managing organizations virtually. With this come many challenges, many of which are addressed here and provide tools for success.