Strategies For Success


E X E C U T I V E   C O A C H I N G

Strategies for Success takes great pride in matching the strongest Executive Coaches for
your leaders.  A consistent process is used for every leader who will be coached:

Discussions are held to establish appropriate goals for coaching with
     both the manager and coachee (person to be coached)

 • One or more executive coaches are presented to the coachee to determine
     a good “fit” which involves appropriate background and experience on
     behalf of the Executive Coach, and also good chemistry which is vital
     for a successful coaching relationship

  Once the leader engages with a coach, an appropriate use of assessments is
     determined (e.g. 360 degree feedback, Hogan, MBTI, TKI Conflict Tool, etc.)

  The coach and coachee establish an actionable development plan based
    on feedback from the assessment; plan is signed off on by coachee and
    his/her manager

 • Coaching timeframes vary and are contingent on the needs of the coachee
    as discussed with his/her manager

  Measures of success are identified and coach and coachee work together
    to reach these goals

Strategies for Success works with high potential leaders as well as other leaders who are high performers but may have issues that could potentially derail them.

We also provide onboarding and assimilation coaching, creating 90 day plans for new executives to ensure high impact at the most critical time in their roles. 

When a leader is new to an organization, is promoted or moves into a new role, we often provide New Leader Assimilation support . This process expedites what typically takes six months to a year when a new leader joins a group –it helps to provide insights regarding the leader’s style and his/her understanding of the team, as well as a better understanding of the business challenges; together, the leader and the team identify actions and areas of focus for the challenges ahead.

This process is being used more frequently for many of our major clients, particularly as related to a leader moving into a new country or geographic area, where cultural nuances may impact performance expectations. New Leader Assimilations have been delivered at all organization levels including the President and CEO of major Fortune 500 clients.


L E A D E R S H I P  D E V E L O P M E N T

Review talent management strategy & determine effective course of action for developing leaders (executive coaching, peer coaching, action learning, executive development, skills development, etc.).

Assisted a leader in aligning her team with a performance-driven culture:  This leader was relatively new to the company and was charged with “raising the bar” for her organization.  After several terminations and shifts in staffing, morale was not high and there was not a sense of the team working together toward a common goal.  Through a series of efforts, including a Myers-Briggs team-building workshop, a vision/strategy setting session, and coaching the leader, the organization began to rally around the vision and leader and become more focused and comfortable with the new culture.   Due to this success, two additional groups were added to her organization.

T A L E N T  M A N A G E M E N T  S T R A T E G Y

We review talent with regard to your organizational capabilities and create a talent management strategy and process to support this (e.g., develop leadership pipeline, identify high potentials); create/support succession planning process.



C A R E E R   D E V E L O P M E N T

We support individuals in transition; we also provide  internal leaders and individual contributors with the opportunity to examine their personal interests and motivation for career decisions.

Partnered with a major pharma company to establish an internal career lab to support employees with career development support.  Provide one on one coaching, professional growth workshops and “learning labs” on topics such as personal branding, social media, resume writing, and interviewing skills.